GD FontMaker v1.1

By, enhanced by Antone Roundy of Gecko Tribe

To use GD FontMaker:
  1. Open gd-font-template-20x30.png or gd-font-template-20x30.xcf in your image editor. (gd-font-template-20x30.xcf is a GIMP file).
  2. If you want your characters to be some size other than 20 x 30 characters, resize the image as needed.
  3. Create all of your characters -- simply overwrite the light gray characters found in the template with black letters. (Only black pixels will show up in the final font, so you don't need to erase the gray letters).
  4. Save the image as a PNG file.
  5. Upload gd-fontmaker.php to your webserver (PHP with GD support required), and load it in your web browser.
  6. If you cropped the template image so that it starts with a character other than a space, enter the first character in your font in the first field.
  7. Enter the character with in the second field (if you didn't resize the template, enter 20).
  8. Click the button next to the third field and select your font image file.
  9. Click "Make Font".
  10. Save the resulting file -- this is your GD font (I use the ".gdf" filename extension, but it probably doesn't matter).
  11. To perform a simple test of your font:
    1. Upload gd-font-tester.php to your webserver.
    2. Upload your font to the same folder.
    3. Load test-font.php in your browser.
    4. Submit the name of your font.
    If your font was created correctly, an image using your font will be generated and displayed.