GD FontMaker v1.1

By, enhanced by Antone Roundy of Gecko Tribe

First Character (default is a space)
Character Width
PNG Image
  • This script takes a PNG image as input and creates a GD compatible font from it.
  • All of the characters must be side-by-side.
  • Each character must be the same width.
  • The PNG image must be exactly the width of all the characters (ie. no extra padding).
  • The character height is taken from the PNG image height.
  • Characters must be in ASCII code order, ie.:
  • The font may begin and end at any character, omitting all the characters before and after. Omitted characters will be displayed as blank spaces.
  • Anything other than pure black in the PNG file will be treated as the background of the font; this is useful as it allows you to draw guidelines to help you position each character correctly.

Download GD FontMaker (includes a font template in PNG and GIMP format).